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Video Game Synthesis

a video game icontest

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Hello and welcome to game_synthesis, a fusion of a video game icontest featuring weekly dual hush and lyrical themes! This community is a synthesis of game_hush and game_lyrical (thus the name) and each week new hush and lyrical themes will be posted. Members are free to submit to either one or both themes, depending on how inspired they're feeling. ;)

Membership is open to anyone who's interested in joining, so if you're a fan of video and/or computer games or icons (or both!) why not join and begin competing today!

I know it looks like a lot, but these are all pretty basic rules! Please take the time to read through them before submitting or voting!

  • You must be a member of the community in order to participate, either in submitting or voting.
  • You may submit to both hush and lyrical themes, or only one, if you'd prefer.
  • You may submit up to three icons each week: two icons for one theme [either hush or lyrical] and one for the other. You are not allowed to submit three icons to one single theme.
  • When submitting to a lyrical theme, your icon must include at least three consecutive lyrics.
  • When submitting to a hush theme, your icon must have no legible text; tiny text, however, is acceptable.
  • All icons must be compatible with LiveJournal's standards: 100x100 pixels or less, and 40KB or less.
  • Fanart is prohibited, unless the artist has given permission for his/her work to be used [you should be able to point me to written evidence stating this, be it an email or on their website, etc.]. Doujinshi will be allowed, provided the artist has not expressly asked for their work not to be used.
  • You are not allowed to vote for your own icon or gather others to vote for you. If this happens, your icon will be automatically disqualified.
  • No showcasing any submitted icons [in your own userpics, an icon comm, etc.] until after the winners have been posted.
  • Be considerate! Do not steal people's icons or use them without their permission! If they ask you to credit, please do so.

This challenge runs from week to week: every Sunday night a new theme will be posted, you then have until the following Sunday night to submit. At that point, the voting phase begins [see below]. To submit, please reply via comment to the current theme post. All comments are screened for privacy. When submitting, though, it'd be nice if you followed the following basic format:

URL: http://imagehost/youricon.png
CHARACTER(S)/GAME: Raziel/Soul Reaver

Once submitting for the current week has been closed, voting will commence from that Sunday night and last until Tuesday night. A new theme will be posted soon after the voting post goes up. When voting, please vote for your favorite three icons from each theme [hush and lyrical]. Occasionally, you will also be asked to vote for a special category, which may be any of the following:

Most Lyrical: A lyrical challenge-specific category. Whichever icon you think featured the best use of the given lyrics.
Best Color: The icon with the most interesting, unique, or effective use of color.
Best Emotion: Whichever icon evokes the strongest emotional sense from the voter. This can be from subject alone [hush icons] or from a combination of subject and text [lyrical icons].
Most Original: The icon that is the most unique. Be it an original design, rare color scheme, etc.; some aspect of the icon makes it stand out from the rest.
Best Cropping: The icon with the most creative, or effective, cropping of the base image(s).

In addition, a Mod's Choice may be given out, provided there are enough icons. Other special categories may come up, as well, depending on theme. Also, when voting, please do so by replying to the voting post via comment [all comments will be screened]. Forms will be provided in the voting posts to make voting easier.

For the past winners and themes of game_hush and game_lyrical see this post. Winners and themes from all past weeks of game_synthesis can be found below.

Week 01: Beginning/The Bard's Song [Blind Guardian] - Winners
Week 02: Resident Evil/An Honest Mistake [The Bravery] - Winners
Week 03: Out of Focus/Chrome [VNV Nation] - Winners
Week 04: Take Flight/Kryptonite [3 Doors Down] - Winners
Week 05: Blow It Up/The Two Dead Boys [The Chariot] - Winners
Week 06: Summer/Lost Boys [The 69 Eyes] - Winners
Week 07: Abductions/With A Thousand Words To Say But One [Darkest Hour] - Winners
Week 08: Renewal/We Could Have Flown Like Pollen [ThouShaltNot] - Winners
Week 09: Retro/Flaming Telepaths [Blue Öyster Cult] - Winners

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Current Banner Makers:

ATTENTION BANNER MAKERS! A complete list of completed and uncompleted banners can be found here. Please check there to make sure you do not have any overdue banners!

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Have a theme idea of your own? Why not suggest it here!

Current Mod: kotorjedi_amaya

Past/Inactive Mods:

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